Being Seen: Quebec Report – An Exciting Teaser for the BSO Online Community!


Hey BSO Community,

We are buzzing with excitement to share a sneak peek into the upcoming Being Seen: Quebec Report! This comprehensive study, which will be launched in Fall 2024, dives deep into the nuances of the Quebec media landscape and its impact on racialized communities. Here’s a teaser of what you can expect:

Situating the Quebec Media Landscape

Explore the rich tapestry of Quebec’s history, immigration patterns, and how these elements shape media consumption in the province.

Notion of the Quebec Audience

Who truly represents the Quebec consumer? We dissect the stereotypes, urban vs. regional audiences and compare Quebec’s progress with the rest of Canada.

Being Seen but Invisible

Uncover the complexities of performative representation, tokenism, and the quest for authentic storytelling in Quebec’s media.

Directives and Next Steps

Discover the powerful recommendations from our community aimed at creating a more inclusive and representative media landscape.

Why You Should Be Excited

This report promises to shed light on critical issues and provide actionable insights to drive meaningful change. Whether you’re a media professional, a storyteller, or simply passionate about representation, this report is for you.

Stay Tuned!

We can’t wait to share the full report with you. Keep an eye out for the official release and be ready to dive into these groundbreaking findings. Join us in the conversation and help shape the future of media in Quebec.

Let’s keep pushing for progress and celebrating the rich diversity of our stories!

Stay connected and stay inspired,