BSO-DGC Black Women Directors Accelerator

Shaping the Future of Canadian Directing Talent

The Black Screen Office (BSO) and the Directors Guild of Canada (DGC) are seeking participants for the BSO – DGC Black Women (Including gender diversity such as Two-spirit, Trans and Non-binary) Directors Accelerator Program. This prestigious program offers an exceptional opportunity for Producers, Broadcasters and experienced Black women Directors to establish successful professional partnerships that sustainably diversify the film and television industry. The Accelerator offers training and mentoring to five experienced Black women Directors culminating in the opportunity to direct an episodic TV show as a “guest director”. Through this initiative, BSO and DGC are introducing productions to the talent pool of Black women Directors across Canada and helping those Directors access that important first episode of a scripted series.



  • Access Directors whose skill level has been vetted by a jury of industry experts
  • Work with a talented, experienced Black woman Director
  • Demonstrate your company’s/ organization’s commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion by employing diverse talent to produce high quality content
  • Mitigate risk through the Accelerator’s pre-episode engagement format and establish a trusting partnership with the Accelerator
  • Director prior to their shooting block
  • Enjoy a “hassle-free” process with BSO and DGC providing Mentor/Mentee and administrative support
  • Nurture the next great Canadian Director


  • Gain access to a DGC signatory episodic production
  • Receive direct mentorship from a veteran television Director
  • Establish connections with Network
  • Executives, Showrunners and other key industry decision-makers
  • Direct your first episodic TV show and share your creative excellence
  • Meaningfully collaborate on all aspects of pre-production, production, and where possible, post-production and Director’s Cut
  • Access exclusive DGC workshops and benefit from a range of Accelerator supports, including compensation throughout the program.


  • Must identify as Black, female, and Canadian
  • Must meet a minimum of one of the following criteria:
  • One feature film exhibited at recognized Film Festivals within the past five years. See the list of recognized Academy of Canadian Cinema festivals; or
  • A combination of the following commercially exhibited content, minimally 75 minutes:
  • Television movies or episodes in scripted, documentary or reality
  • Short films exhibited at recognized Academy of Canadian Cinema festivals
  • Web series


This platinum program is open to:

  • Productions that are able to welcome an Accelerator Director to produce high quality content in a respectful environment.
  • Five Black women Directors who have experience directing in such formats as episodic, shorts, web series or features and are ready to direct half-hour or one- hour episodic television.

Productions and Directors are invited to express their interest in the BSO – DGC Black Women Directors Accelerator Program by contacting Andy Marshall, Manager, Programming and Operations,