BSO-CMPA Black Producers Accelerator Program

The Black Screen Office and CMPA’s Black Producer Accelerator Program aims to diversify Canada’s screen industry by supporting Black Canadian producers’ career growth. This initiative pairs aspiring producers with CMPA member companies for hands-on experience in various production areas, underpinned by financial backing from Entertainment Partners. Eligible participants include Black Canadian citizens or residents, with a focus on those showing a strong interest in production careers.

The program provides financial assistance and structured mentorship, including monthly educational sessions facilitated by the BSO, aimed at enhancing industry knowledge and networking. The selection process evaluates applications based on the potential for meaningful mentor-producer partnerships and the applicant’s personal development goals.

Applications are welcomed via an online portal, requiring detailed documentation to ensure a match between mentors and mentees that aligns with the program’s goals of fostering diverse talent within the screen industry. Through this combination of financial support, mentorship, and education, the program seeks to pave the way for the next generation of Black producers in Canada.

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Black Producer Accelerator Program

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