BSO-CMPA Black Producers Accelerator Program

The BSO-CMPA Black Producers Accelerator Program expedites the career aspirations of emerging to mid-career Black Canadian producers in the screen industries, ultimately empowering them to lead resilient companies that can thrive in the global marketplace. The 20 or 40-week program offers targeted placements of producers in production companies, one-on-one consultations with mentors within and outside of the company, and group discussions among cohorts. It gives participants prioritized access to decision-makers, executives, and accomplished senior producers in one of three producing streams: Development (ie Creative Producing); Production (ie Physical Producing); and Business of Producing (ie Business Affairs). These streams apply to both scripted and non-scripted genres.

Mentees will complete a Personal Objectives Questionnaire detailing goals and growth aspirations as part of their application. Applicants can apply with a mentor company, or if not, we will do our best to match them with an appropriate mentor company. Both Applicants and Mentors will have toolkits to help guide them toward a successful mentorship experience. This is a full-time 40-hour/week program, during which Accelerator Producers are paid.

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