Rogers-BSO Script
Development Fund


The Rogers-BSO Script Development Fund is a program that aims to empower Black and People of Colour storytellers by providing them with resources and guidance to develop television content in English or French. The scripted participants receive support throughout the entire writing process, from the initial outline to the completion of the second draft of the pilot script, ensuring that participants create projects ready for pitching. The documentary writers participate in the Breakthrough program with the DOC institute, learning from experienced doc makers Mentors, story editors, and reviewers are available to provide valuable feedback and assistance in refining the participants’ ideas and improving their writing skills. A pitching coach helps participants effectively present their content to industry professionals in Canada. Successful applicants have the opportunity to pitch their projects directly to key players in the industry, increasing their visibility and promoting diversity in storytelling. The Rogers-BSO Script Development Fund is a comprehensive program that empowers and supports Black and People of Colour storytellers, enabling them to bring their television content ideas to life and gain recognition in the industry.

The next call for applications will be June 2024.


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